The Benefits of Bilingual Education

Current research shows that fully proficient bilingual students outperform monolinguals in the areas of divergent thinking, pattern recognition and problem solving. Saddleback Valley Unified’s Dual Language (Spanish and English) Immersion Program has been providing students in grades K-12 with a world-class bilingual education since 1991. Language immersion students:

—Develop flexibility in thinking through problem solving, conceptualizing and reasoning in two languages.

—Develop an understanding of the English and Spanish languages, the structure, vocabulary and syntax.

—Attain greater academic achievement in core subjects, including reading, science, social studies and mathematics.

—Attain a unique linguistic and cultural understanding.

Research also shows that the second language is best acquired by language minority students when their first language is firmly established (Hakuta & Gould, 1987), and that a second language is best developed by language majority children through immersion in that language (Genesee, 1985).

It is felt that the immersion of English proficient students in non-English instruction is beneficial for their acquisition of true communicative proficiency in the second language. Their English language skills, meanwhile, develop unimpeded due to the dominance of English in their socio-cultural environment. For the English language learner, instruction in their native language provides the necessary linguistic foundation for the later acquisition of English and the further development of full proficiency in both languages. In addition, students in the program achieve proficiency in academic subjects and cultivate an understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

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